It is best to start the 2020 with preparations to next Phase 3. So, most of players expect BWL release at the end of January. The raid itself is quite linear, but actually making your way through it will the real challenge in itself. It’s absolutely worth clearing weekly for the excellent gear you’ll find here, including a majority of T2 armor pieces.

How can you get into Blackwing Lair?

Blackwing Lair Attunement is forgiving in the sense that you don’t need to complete attunement in order to enter in the raid. Why is it important then? Because it gives you a convenient shortcut to access the entrance much quicker. Then again, you can always travel through the spire or wait for a summon from a friendly warlock.

General Drakkisath

For those interested in completing attunement, you’ll need to earn the right to use the Orb of Command. The first part is fairly simple, requiring you to kill the Scarshield Quartermaster. He can be found within Blackrock Mountain, just down the corridor on the right side of the entrance to Blackrock Spire. Once you kill him, pick up the Blackhand’s Command to start the attunement quest. All you left to do just reach General Drakkisath, get Mark of Drakkisath and click the orb.

Items requirement for BWL

The item which is mandatory for full BWL clear is Onyxia Scale Cloak. Otherwise, raid will get wiped on Firemaw. Eventually, tank is the only person who must wear it while raid fights Firemaw. But Nefarian won’t be that nice and will check everyone for his preparations.

BWL is not that easy as MC and requires well geared 40 people. That means that you will need to have acquired loot from Molten Core. Everyone must have at least 100 fire resistance to have a chance at staying alive. Mele group 150 at least. And tanks as much as possible.

Unlike Molten Core, you can’t clear BWL with raid geared in greens.

Item to stock up before BWL release

The next part we cover about Blackwing Lair is, of course, raid consumables.

At the moment they have taken quite a big drop. This is mainly due to most people pvping. At the moment less gold farming going on, less demand overall as MC at this point is extremely trivial to the point where consumables are just there purely to try and pass really. They are not required whatsoever.

All of this will be turned on its head once Blackwing Lair is out. Especially since there will be a step up in difficulty from a pure numerical standpoint. Though it may just end up being again the hard part of the raid that trash like Molten Core.
We strongly advise stocking up on raid consumables now or investing your gold into as these will fly up the moment Blackwing Lair is announced. If you raiding you should already have a good idea of what kind of consumables your class needs. But to give you an idea you have offensive or damage boosting consumables and defensive ones.

The offensive include things like:

Utility potions:

Other category:

What item reagents to stock for BWL?

There are so many consumables in Classic, but you get the idea.
Items for BWL we mentioned before are going to go up in price across the board. Everything will go up. If you have professions make sure you look at what makes the items: raw materials are often the way to go and will make you more money. So pick a few items that you want to be your focus rather than trying to spread yourself too thin across too many areas.
So try and pick things that have more limited reagents that are a bit more difficult to come by as these will generally have better margins.

Another note for BWL is the Onyxia Scale Cloak. This is necessary for Nefarian fight and reagents for that cloak come from Onyxia herself, making the supply for these are very limited. Keep in mind picking one of these up sooner rather than later as the demand will suddenly far outweight the supply once Phase 3 hits.

Did someone said Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker?

Thunderfury, item comes with BWL release

Finally, Phase 3 and Blackwing Lair means that players will be able to craft a Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker. The missing link in Phase 2 was the ability to craft Elementium Bars which will now become available. Now to learn this you need to mind-control a goblin, who is located quite far into the instance near the trio of dragon bosses called Master Elemental Shaper Krixix. And have a priest to teach each player whoever needs it these smelt ability through the extra action button this guy has.

Making Elementium Bar requires:
Elementium Ore, which is looted from goblins in BWL
Fiery Core, dropped from MC elementals
3x Elemental Flux is just some vendor item
10x Arcanite Bar. So quest requires 100 arcanite bars total as you need 10x Elementium Bars. We offer real affordable prices for gold so you can easily be one of the legendary heroes, smashing enemies with Thunderfury.

Now, Arcanite Bars will have likely dropped off a bit now but this should put some life back into their price for a short while. The only real issue here is well that getting both bindings can take a very very long time. People are going to be running Molten Core forever and ever to try and get this weapon. So, whilst there will be a demand since each person’s gonna need a hundred Arcanite Bars which is an enormous amount, it may take some time before you have someone on your server who can actually do the quest. Still if you are making arcanite bars at the moment on your cooldown I would hang on to them for the time being to wait for prices to rise.

So, that is everything we would like to cover for Blackwing Lair preparations. With Phase 3 we also expect the Darkmoon Faire release but it is the topic for another guide.

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