Black Lotus farm is one the synonyms of level 60 game. It’s the most valuable reagent that can be gathered in vanilla World of Warcraft. Although skinners have ~2% chance to skin Pristine Hide of the Beast from Upper Black Rock Spire, when you gather lotus you have 100% chance to get extra pair of devilsaur leggings. From this guide you will learn how to use your herbalism profession smarter and get rich without buying gold (but since you it is still about your luck, you can at least see our gold prices).


Why Black Lotus cost more than other reagents?


Flasks. It is not a secret, vanilla WoW is very tough to players and if you want to progress in high end content you have to use flasks: titans for mele dps and wisdom for casters. Altough Molten Core is easy enough, Temple of Ahn’Qiraj for 40 people and Naxxramas gonna drain consumables so fast, that you won’t have time to gather your stocks for the next raid. If you have duties outside Azeroth.
So, if you have to go job you can’t spend time trying out your luck. Alternatively, you can buy black lotuses from Auction house. According our experience, lotus prices ranges from 40 to 80 gold we spent last 4 years on private vanilla servers with x1 rate (Nostlarius, Elysium, Light’s Hope projects). Black Lotus price depends on phase of content. When new raid released, the prices raises. So one of tips to getting rich, buy lotuses in the middle of phase and sell later. Don’t be afraid to buy lotus for low prices, it always sells extremely fast.


Requirements to start Black Lotus farm:


1) 300/300 herbalism (as another option you can have 295 skill + gloves with extra 5 enchant)
2) Level 60 is not mandatory, but needed flower grows in high level zones, so you will be facing mobs 55+ lvl
3) 100% mount. However, still not mandatory, but you will get it later in this topic


O’k, now we figured out its usage. But why the cost is so big?


Because there is only 1 black-lotus in whole territory and it spawn time depends on current server population. Yes, first of all you need to run over zone to find 1 small herb, but moreover you need to wait until it spawns. We won’t share correct formula that we calculated, but on Northdale with 5.000 online spawn time was 45-60 minutes. So max 12 flowers per 1 zone. Which zones? WS, BS, S, EP. Still not clear? Winterspring, Burning Steppes, Silithus and Eastern Plaguelands – you can find lotuses in these zones.


We provide map with BL spawns.


Eastern Plaguelands | Burning Steppes


Winterspring | Silithus


Information according previous experience


Prior to patch 1.7 BL was soulbound. So there were no point to farm it if you wasn’t an alchemist. Moreover, the flask recipe was mandatory. That is why recipe prices were around 1.000 gold. WoW Classic starts at 1.12 so you can easily donate BL to your guild alchemist.


There were 4 spawns on horde side and 2 on alliance side of Alterac Valley on Light’s Hope. That was one the reasons why people rolled horde and played mage to be able to gather flowers and trade via neutral AH to alliance toon.

On other hand, collecting AV lotus was a true art. I won’t describe it better than video made by Honcho – member of “whatever” – current APES:
AV premade premade is one options to boost your PVP rank we offer leaders had % by each collected flower. If you didn’t pay to the leader, you won’t be able to get onto your mount due personal snowstorm.


To sum up this topic, we provided main tips:


  • There are 4 zones where you can find BL + AV (not realesed yet). And 1 spawn per zone.
  • Black lotus farm is very unstable way of gold farming, you can get 4 per hour and sell them for 320 gold, and you can get 0 for whole day of farming
  • Investing gold in lotuses is a good way of saving your money. You can easily sell them. If you have spare gold and you see cheap lotus offer – get it
  • You need to be sneaky and learn a lot of things to be able to compete for Alterac Valley lotus spawn

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