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Why is our WoW Classic service the best?



Playing vanilla during 15 years allows us to select best routes while we do powerleveling service. So when you buy wow classic service which we offer, you pay real price for most efficient way to reach it.



Legacy boost works in RMT (real money trade) classic private server scene 4 years, so we know the safest methods. In short, not getting ban means that customer returns and tries other boost services.



Power level service is boring for sure, but due to it’s our job boosters do their best to finish it as soon as possible, even if it affects sleep hours. We will refund if the order is not executed during 24 hours.



First of all, we use VPN (according to city/state you tell us) to guarantee one of security steps. Certainly, any info you share won’t be used by third-parties and is collected just to make future collaboration easier.


wow classic ahn qiraj aq20
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WOW Classic Ahn’Qiraj AQ20 Guide

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Please note:

Most noteworthy, the legacy boost service team does not use various bots, hacks or other illegitimate methods.

We do our best to avoid the ban, but no such service can give you a 100% guarantee. If an account is so important to you, it’s best not to risk it.


Further, when you make the order, we will check the payment and contact you through email / skype / discord to clarify the terms of the deal, total time needed and answer your questions.

However, we accept only Paypal payment:
Above all, PayPal is the fastest and the safest way to send money, transfer an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account. Therefore, buy our gold or boost your char anyhow without a single chance being scammed – you are secured by PP.

Consequently, proceed to WoW Classic service page and you will find the category you are looking for or you can look among all listed products.

In conclusion, if you have any questions – just ask. Most of info according vanilla you can get at WoWhead.