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The best game boosting service – Legacy-boost

If you are a passionate online gamer ready to take your play to the next level, but you are lacking to dedicate to gaming – let us do the job for you. Here at Legacy-boost, we provide top-notch boosting services to help your character level up,  obtain the desired item, or buy gold.

Advantages of our service

  • Skill. Making progress is grueling and should not be done by amateurs. We’ve been in game boosting for 5 years. Our team members are highly professional players able to select the most efficient strategy and methods to achieve the best possible outcome for an affordable price.
  • Safety. Keeping your account at bay is our highest priority. Getting banned is not an option. Thus, we never engage in any type of activity that might cause suspicion and jeopardize security. We use VPN to ensure extra protection and guarantee non-disclosure of any personal data you provide us with.
  • Price. We exercise constant vigilance to make sure our price range is one of the most affordable on the pro boosting Each and every penny is well-spent.
  • Quality and speed. Our boosters might get sleep-deprived, but we are certainly completing our order as soon as possible while maintaining the highest quality. We believe that boosting can be both fast and skillful.

If you have any questions left and need further information – just contact us via skype/discord/email. We’ll get back to you in a blink of an eye.

Please note: we accept Paypal only, which is the fastest and safest way to make an online payment or create a merchant account. Buy gold and boost your characters without any risk of being scammed.